What I've loved about receiving coaching from Jen is the freedom to come with a head full of thoughts that are noisily buzzing around in my mind and she doesn't just accept me as I am, but she welcomes me with a genuine warmth and sense of calmness. She helps me sort out which of the buzzing bees need prioritised for that session and, with a lot of listening, reflecting back and a few thought provoking questions, she supports me in exploring my thoughts and feelings around the identified issue. She then guides me into hearing my own heart on how best to address the issue in question and with a few insightful questions helps me emerge with a practical plan for the way forward, a way that fits me, because she's accurately heard my heart as well as my words. I leave feeling like I've had a brain massage; relaxed, with a clear focus and the confidence that what I've decided to do is a good plan and one I'm capable of following through on.
Audrey Carmichael
I’m really thankful to Jennifer for coaching me in the right direction. She took time to listen and notice. She did not force me to decide what I should do but asked me questions based on my experiences so I could make the decision by myself.
Rev. Naw Paw Gaw
General Secretary, Yangon Kayin Baptist Women Association
Yangong, MYANMAR
To feel completely listened to and heard is one of the greatest gifts we can share with other human beings and what Jennifer brings to a coaching session is this in abundance. Jennifer is a gifted observer and reflector, who is particularly skilled in articulating what others would find difficult to put into words. She is a brilliant communicator knowing when to listen and when to offer an observation or a suggestion and I found my coaching sessions hugely insightful and helpful, bringing new knowledge and understanding to situations where I had become completely stuck. Jennifer brings a high level of professionalism to her coaching but also a great warmth and safety and I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to spend time reflecting on situations in need of new insight and inspiration.
Rebecca Weaver-Boyes
Communication for Development Team, Tearfund
London, United Kingdom
The coaching sessions I had with Jennifer - with her attentive and welcoming listening skills, and committed responsive posture - strengthened my growth process in difficult situations. It was very good and productive for me to receive her coaching guidance and learn from her professional attitude.
Vanessa Barbosa
Coordinator of the Network of Black Evangelical Women in Brazil
Recife, Brazil
(Translated from Portuguese)
When I met Jennifer for the first time, I was afraid that she would not understand my language or that I can't deliver the ideas in the right way, but she was very patient and made it easy. The coaching was helpful for me. She helps me to arrange the steps for all topics that we talked about, and helps me with how to think out of the box. She was a kind person. I’m very happy that I got this opportunity to meet her and talk about many topics.
Rasha saeed Salem
Senior Officer, Medair
Aden, Yemen
I highly recommend Jennifer as a cross-cultural coach. She is a gifted listener and her vast experience of different nations and cultures, together with her ability to communicate in various languages, sets her apart as a very capable professional. I am constantly impressed by the way she facilitates our coaching sessions, empowering me to find my own solutions and make better decisions. I feel that I have developed considerably and am encouraged by the way I can already see a difference in my personal and professional life. Through thought-provoking questions Jennifer is able to help me organise my thoughts and leave me feeling encouraged and prepared for the next step. I am extremely grateful to Jennifer for her dedication.
Cally Magalhães
President and Executive Director, Associação Águia/The Eagle Project • Author of 'Dancing with Thieves' / 'Do Palco para a Prisão"
São Paulo, Brazil
It is the first time that in an hour-long session I could clear the many knots that I had been carrying in my head for many months. The questions that Jennifer asked enabled me to see the knots and identify my priorities so I could work on untying these knots. The second session helped me to start planning my phasing out from my current position as I only have two more years to complete my term. I am now at peace and able to see my goals more clearly. I am amazed that so much could become clear for me through these sessions.
Akung Gangmei
CEO and Director of the Priscilla Centre
Assam, India
I had the privilege of a coaching session with Jennifer. She asks specific questions that help in discovering self and the areas of our lives that may not have been touched or observed. She is a very good listener. She does not impose her views without completely understanding the person. She listens with an attitude of learning and asks connecting questions to clarify. She appreciates the successes and she is also very empathetic when it comes to understanding the pain and suffering. She is also very humble in terms of scheduling the next appointments and seeking availability.
Vaibhav Moon
Executive Director, Udhhar (Transforming the Unreached with Sustainability)
Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
Pertinent and useful questions were fundamental in the coaching sessions with Jennifer. It was very good to share with her about the work that I have developed. I also felt very comfortable sharing with her about the areas in which I feel less capable. She attentively listened and diligently asked questions that were important for me in the process of identifying, understanding, deciphering and feeling peace in the work I do.
Benita Simon Mendoza
Coordinator of Environmental Restoration Initiatives, Rujotay Association, Guatemala
(translated from Spanish)
The coaching sessions with Jennifer were very useful since the first session, She was a great listener to all the ideas and at the end of each session I was able to extract from this session many practical practises that I can apply and get effective results from them. Thank you, Jennifer.
Etimad Hamshari
Senior Information Management Officer, Medair
Aden, Yemen
Jennifer has experience and sensitivity; an attentive listening ear and words that make us reflect on where we are and where we want to go. Many times, I felt that her words were like the voice of a GPS that helped me to recalculate my route. Our conversations helped to point me in directions that expanded possibilities, used the resources I have and considered the person I am. Her experience with different nationalities and cultures, in addition to her biblical world view, is a great distinctive in her work.
Alberto Lins
Theologian - Marriage and family therapist - Pastor and Coordinator of Church and Community Transformation at Tearfund Brasil
Recife, Brazil
(translated from Potuguese)