Coaching individuals and teams to thrive cross-culturally

Working with people from different cultures?

Leading an international project?

Moving to a new country?

Navigating communication challenges?

In our increasingly global society, most of us are in daily contact with people of different cultures, whether at home or abroad. Without sensitivity and understanding, these interactions can all too often lead to confusion and frustration rather than constructive collaboration and learning.

Cross-cultural coaching and training rests on the assumption that culture has a significant impact on how we think, behave, and make decisions. As such, it aims to deepen and enrich clients’ understanding of how cultural norms shape us and those around us. With increased knowledge and awareness of cultural norms, clients are better equipped to adjust assumptions and behaviours to find more comfortable, compatible, and fruitful ways of interacting with people of different cultures.

Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Jennifer and I’m a coach, trainer, former humanitarian worker and expatriate.

As a coach and trainer, I draw on over 20 years of professional experience and a lifetime in cross-cultural environments to support individuals from all around the world.

Jennifer is a gifted listener and her vast experience of different nations and cultures, together with her ability to communicate in various languages, sets her apart as a very capable professional. I am constantly impressed by the way she facilitates our coaching sessions, empowering me to find my own solutions and make better decisions. I feel that I have developed considerably and am encouraged by the way I can already see a difference in my personal an​d professional life. I am extremely grateful to Jennifer for her dedication.
Cally Magalhães
President and Executive Director, Associação Águia/The Eagle Project • Author of 'Dancing with Thieves' / 'Do Palco para a Prisão'' • São Paulo, Brazil

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